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Document 19, p 7

& Quantity for about the Space of
one Minute continuing my
Observations there I observed a Crack
across the Bend of the Arch
towards the Upper Side of the
Bridge – that Crack gradually
widened – in about a Minute
Splinters from
more the stones on the [??]*
Spandrel* bet the third and fourth Arch
Part of the [B??]it broke
was were forced out to a considerable
Distance & in two minutes more
the Pillar between the 3rd & 4th
Arches which I could perceive
shake gave way & the two Arches
the said
& a Pier fell together. I then
went away
My son was with me & at as
we were going home at
the Distance of about a Quarter
from the Bridge
of a Mile from the Bridge he looked behind & saw

Note: Minutes of Committee to consider Mr Errington's Petition, p 7

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