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Document 19, Minutes of Committee to consider Mr Errington's Petition, 27 February 1783, p 1

Jovis 27 dies?* Febry 1783
Committee [??] Hexham Bridge petition
Sir W Middleton in the Chair
Sir [J?] Coghill Sir J [Wrottesley?]
Mr [Wilberforce?] Mr Tempest
Ld Beauchamp Genl Lambton
Mr Orde Mr D Hartley
Sir C. Turner Mr Wallace
Petition read 1st
read 2nd [??]*
Act 18 G. 3 read including and
confirming Mr Erringtons Agreement
to build a Bridge at Hexham
Ralph Heron Esq prodd a Copy of the
original Certificate dated 9 Janry 1781
whereby the Bridge was allowed by
three Justices to be completed
according to the Articles of the Agreement
Mr John Donkin examd -said
On the 11th March 1782 the said
New Bridge was forced down &

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