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Document 11, p 4

the same Fate unless a much larger Sum of Money be expended than the late
Bridge cost- and altho Mr Errington may by rebuilding it according to the former
Plan be enabled to leave it at the end of the 7 Years to all appearances a perfect
Building and by that means extricate himself from his Engagement yet the Good
of the Public will not be thereby answered, inasmuch as the Bridge cannot be
expected to have any long duration, and must ultimately be rebuilt at the
Expence of the County.
The Justices are all thoroughly satisfied that Mr Errington executed his
Undertaking in the most perfect and Correct Manner, and that this Misfortune
which has happened was & then occasioned by the Natural Insufficiency of the
Foundation to admit of any Bridge standing thereon or in the Method pointed
by Mr Smeaton (whose Directions Mr Errington was compelled to observe) and used
to secure such Foundations – and inasmuch as it appears necessary either to
erect the Bridge in another place or to adopt some very Material alterations in
it is believed have no Objection
the Mode of securing the Foundations, the Justices ???* to compound
Matters with Mr Errington and to accept the Materials which may be got from
it is
the Ruins and a Sum of Money in Lieu of his rebuilding the Bridge which they
conceived[?] be more for the Good of the County than to enforce Mr Errington to
rebuild and uphold it for 7 years, the greatest part of which Term will
exppire before the Bridge can be used
The County has been presented since the Bridge Fell
Can the Justices justifiably make such a Compromise with Mr
Errington – and if they can – must the same be made at the
General Quarter Sessions or how otherwise? And are any Steps &
what necessary to enable them so to do?

Note: Case prepared on Mr Errington's behalf, undated, p 4

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