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Document 11, p 3

had been prepared as aforesaid by the County without any Payment or
Satisfaction for the same-
Mr Errington executed the Bond proposed-
By an Act of Parliament in the 18th Geo 3rd the said Articles of
Agreement were confirmed – And it was thereby enacted that the said Bridge
when finished and completed should be deemed a County Bridge And (from and
after the Term of 7 Years mentioned in the said [recited?] Articles of Agreement) should
from time to time and at all times thereafter be repaired maintained and kept
in repair as a County Bridge-
In January 1781 The said Bridge & Road were certifyed to be Built made
finished and completed according to the said Articles & plan – and the said several
sums of 5700L and 400L have been paid – all of Which and more Money were expended
in the Undertaking, the Bridge having been built in what was supposed the most
complete manner under the direction of Mr Smeaton and to the entire satisfaction
of the Justices and the County Surveyor
On the 11th March 1782 by a most Sudden and extraordinary Flood, the Bed
of the River whereon the said Bridge Stood was so much affected that the Bridge
was thrown down & destroyed without any previous Appearance of its having
suffered the least Derangement or any Idea of Defect in the Building-
Mr Errington Purchased Ground for the Road & made the same complete in
which State it now continues –
From the Injury which the Bed of the River has sustained by this Flood, & the
probable future Effect which great Floods shall have, too clearly manifested by the
late Misfortune it is feared that a Bridge to be built in the same place must Share

Note: Case prepared on Mr Errington's behalf, undated, p 3

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