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Document 6, Letter from Mr Lowes, 12 April 1778, probably to Mr Letteney, p 1

8 7
Dear Sir N.Castle 12th April 1778
[???] I see by the Votes, that
the Bridge Bill [???] I hope you got my Letter
of last Night in [time?] [???]the Clause I sent you
inserted, [?even?] before [???] Before the Committee; in
which I dare say will have my friend Mr French’s
assistance. in all events cost what it will I
must have it done. At Morpeth Sessions, when
the [Order?] [recited?] in that Bill was agitated, I protested
agst it and when [?] [T?] Aynsley seemed determined to
[obtain?] the Order [at?] all hazards I withdrew myself
[went?][to?] [Mr][French’s] Clerk, & got him to strike
my Name out of [???] Book, and it was not the[?n]
entered in the [???] Book: how therefore it comes
now to be [put?] [in?] [??] Bill I do not understand
and I [desire?] [???] as being
present when so [???] made. Pray
[???] this to Mr [French ???] make my
Complmnts. I[?desire] [???]
to my Son Thos from Mr Grant, by your hand.
I am Dr Sir truly yours
Wm Lowes

Note: Two large sections torn and lost

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