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Document 3, p 2

rear with whole Timber close Piling 30 feet long fastned to Kirbs eaven
with the top of the Wall, and upon this Wall or Basement, the Piers of the
Bridge are to stand in their respective places. The accidents to be expected
from great floods as above mentioned are by this means prevented, for the
Bed of the river both above and below the Bridge will always be maintained
nearly on a level with the top of the Wall or Basement of the Bridge.
I had the honr to mention this method to Mr Aynsley when there was a
doubt about the nature of the ground some time before their surveyor found
out the Stratum of Clay, but he then looked upon the expence to exceed their
abilities, but however after all, if ever a stable Bridge be made there I do not
know any other means to Effect it-you will lay this before the gentlemen
for their consideration. I write in hast to save Post & am.
your most obed humble Servt
J Woller

Note: Copy letter from Mr Wooler, 19 July 1775, p 2

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