Extras from the SANT library

Extras from the SANT library


Our library of over 30,000 volumes contains a number of books where the authors, or early owners, have added to them with ‘tipped-in’ manuscript pages or illustrations. Some of these are too fragile to be available for public viewing, or only on a very restricted basis. Our librarians have therefore begun a project to digitise the extra pages, and provide transcriptions as necessary. As they are completed, they will be included in this section of the Unlocking website. The first of them, added in August 2019, is below;

A History of Corbridge and its Antiquities by Robert Forster – A unique second edition

Forster’s History was the Library’s Featured Book for June 2019; follow this link to go to that page on the SANT website.

It is not often Librarians look to archive a rare second edition, but in this case the decision was made because a second edition was never actually published! Between 1881 and 1884, when the author died, Forster was given additional information which he felt should be included in his History, and so he wrote up this extra material, tipping in manuscript sheets into his own copy.  Below are the links to a set of the images and transcriptions of each manuscript page (in two parts, because of the size of each file)

History of Corbridge and its Antiquities part 1, images and transcriptions.

History of Corbridge and its Antiquities part 2, images and transcriptions

For more about Forster and his History, follow this link

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