Unlocking the Archives

This website began as part of Newcastle Antiquaries‘ Heritage Lottery Funded project Unlocking the Archives, aimed at digitising, transcribing and disseminating some of our large collection of archives. It has since grown to incorporate images and transcriptions of other books and archives in our possession.

This website includes images and transcriptions from 4 volumes from our archives:

We also now have an additional section of Extras from some of the books in the SANT library;

  • Among our 30,000 volumes are a number of books where the authors, or early owners, have added to them with ‘tipped-in’ manuscript pages or illustrations. Some of these are too fragile to be available for public viewing, or only on a very restricted basis. Our librarians have therefore begun a project to digitise the extra pages, and provide transcriptions as necessary. Follow this link to see what’s there so far.

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