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5th Series, 1973-

5th series, Vol 45, 2016; contents

Symonds, Matthew F. A., and Breeze, David J.:  The building of Hadrian’s Wall: a reconsideration Part 2: the central sector.  1–16

Biggins, J. Alan, and Taylor, David J. A.:  A Geophysical Survey of the Roman Fort at Carvoran (Magna), Northumberland.  17–36

Snape, Margaret, and Stobbs, Graeme:  The military bath house at the Roman fort of Chesters, Northumberland.  37–117

Brayson, Alex:  Taxing the North-East: Northumberland and the Knights’ Fees Subsidy of 1428.  119–31

McKinley, Jacqueline I.:  A medieval chapel and post-medieval burials at Saint Ebba’s Chapel, Beadnell, Northumberland.  133–44

Pears, Richard:  An Observation Tower on Newcastle Quayside.  145–58

Dower, Robin, and Ryder, Peter:  The Black Barn at Tow House, Bardon Mill, Northumberland, a heather-thatched barn and its context.  159–85

Fawcett, Bill, and Morrison, Jenni:  The history and archaeology of the Forth Banks Goods Station, Newcastle upon Tyne.  187–222

Moore, Krissy, and Burgess, Chris:  The WW1 practice trenches on Blaeberry Hill near Rothbury, Northumberland: CoquetdaleCommunity Archaeology Excavations in 2008.  223–41

Alberti, Marta:  NOTE: A polished bone drop-spinning set from Vindolanda.  243–47

Book reviews. 249–55, includes:

Breeze, David J.: Robertson, The Antonine Wall. A Handbook to Scotland’s Roman Frontier, rev. and ed. Lawrence Keppie. 249–50

Rushworth, Alan: Breeze, Bearsden: A Roman Fort on the Antonine Wall. 250–51

Breeze, David J.: Rushworth and Croom, Segedunum. Excavations by Charles Daniels in the Roman Fort at Wallsend (1975–1984), 2 vols. 251–3

Wilmott, Tony: Collins, Symonds and Weber (eds.), Roman Military Architecture on the Frontiers; armies and their architecture in Late Antiquity. 253–4

Heslop, David: Proctor, Gaimster, and Langthorne: A Quaker Burial Ground in North Shields: Excavations at Coach Lane, Tyne & Wear. 254–5

Allason-Jones, Lindsay:  Obituary: David Smith (1923–2016).  257–9

Fern, Roger:  Index.  261–70


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