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Introduction to the 1771 Tyne Flood Papers

Page 5;

Several people's names were mis-spelt in the list of those appointed to the committee but the correct spelling is either shown by the person's signature of these or subsequent minutes, or is given in the lists of those present at later committee meetings:

Incorrect Spelling                  Correct Spelling

Reverend Mr. Clark               Reverend Mr. Clarke

Reverend Mr. Leak               Reverend Mr. Leeke

Reverend Mr. Railston          Reverend Mr. Railton

The following people signed the minutes of this meeting but were not listed as members of the committee:

[?] Blackett (initial indecipherable)

G [?] Aynsley

William Carr

Pages 27 and 28; the writer here forms his 'e' like an 'o', for example in Memdum (memorandum) and Brodie.

Page 372; The very helpful notes below have been provided by dyer Ann Evans of Durham - many thanks to her;


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